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:contemplations, incantations & ruminations:

4/23/22 Landslide
4/10/22 A Dweller at the Threshold / Audio
4/3/22 LURK

3/17/22 The Wildwood Satyr, the Raven & The Balance: The March Hermaphroditic Full Moon & Equinox / Audio

2/23/22 Revelations, Renaissance & PTSD / Audio / Vlog
2/20/22 Dreams & The Mandala of the Dark Forest .rtf / Audio / Vlog
-From here on out, blogs will be readable as an .rtf file with audio & vlog options-

2/14/22 Thieve, Deceive & Deliver: The Way "They" Do Things."
2/12/22 Initiations, Transitions & Sphinxes: Majik, Libraries & Historic Preservation
2/11/22 Fringey & Sympathetic
2/7/22 The Enchanted Forest of the Mind: Archetypes of the Dark Forest
2/5/22 Openers of the Way: Talisman Majiks: Benny Boons & Bane Baubles
2/4/22 There and Back Again: The Archetype of Spooky in a Land of Not-So-Far Away
2/2/22 "Failure" as a Key of Opportunity

1/31/22 Thanks Mom: The Things That Hold True Value
1/26/22 The Heart of the Lion:Tools of Talismanic Correspondence for Full Snow Moon, February 2022
1/19/22 Leonardo's Curse
1/18/22 Just Breathe
1/16/22 Home is where the existential crisis is
1/8/22 Lilith, Big Bads & Electric Sheep
1/7/22 Usually...but sometimes
1/5/22 The First Week

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