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December 21st, 2021
Winter Solstice: It Hearkens, thus.

Happy solstice! ~All things in balance.

This darkest and longest of nights has stretched backwards, as we have felt the energy and seen
answers to the questions and found resolve in regard to the work, at least a week backwards as the energy grows.
This is how it's done, and how it always is at the end of the year; as what have we learned, the question of what remains, and now - how is the best way to manifest the desire.
Have we done enough? What was the main focus, if unseen? what is the heart words that have screamed the loudest, and thus - have taken precedence?

Sometimes, we see but don't know or feel but can't see clearly. Sometimes, this is because no matter how much we think we understand, it gets clouded by
the immediate or the patterns of the past. Sure, those pattern recognitions are necessary to understand the workings of the mind, but emotion is a powerful thing.
More often than not, it is such a powerful resonance, that we get stuck.

Solstice has a way of uncluttering the cluttered. In the darkness and silence and stillness and cold of the darkest of nights, we immerse ourselves
in the heart and truth of what has culminated over the entire years focus.

The heart words hearken through the festive lights, the sweet treats and the beautifully wrapped gifts.
Sometimes, the way the thoughts and feelings lay out before us is in ways that are truly unexpected; even in ways that we thought no longer serve.

As the weaving unwinds to present to us a new way, the definitions or the mere fabric itself, may change.

During these times of association, the symbolisms may tesseract into new forms, previously unseen.
The decorations have been hung, the cookies have been made and the gifts wrapped. Now is the time to reflect.
Take this time to be still and listen.

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