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Holiday Gifting Made Easy!

November 15, 2021
Oh, the holidays.

With all of the beautiful decorations and fun winter planning, there is still the tension of trying to figure out not only what to get
those you care about, but how to afford it all.
It really is the thought that counts. Let's be real...unless it's something really, really memorable, few people actually remember what was given...
however they will remember that you were present. They'll remember the time spent and the kindness offered more than just exactly what you gave as a bauble, token or gesture.

Every year we wait until it's too late. We think "this year, I'll make it easy on myself and pick up little things along the way, instead of waiting until
just a few weeks before." Rarely, does this ever happen because our lives are pretty busy and it's so easy to lose track of time. The other issue is the expense.
We want to do something but frequently don't know what to do and may not have a lot of money to spend on gifting.

After years of mindlessly wandering, I have come up with something that kind of works. A guide of sorts, that I hope takes a measure of frustration out of gifting.

Something to read.
This can be the next book in a series they're reading, or the original book version of a favorite movie or t.v. show. It can be a picture book, a recipe book,
a crossword book or magazine subscription.

Something to play with or put together.

Puzzles or puzzle books, a wooden or plastic model, a coloring book, a game or craft supplies are always pretty good go-to's.

Something to keep warm in.

A warm scarf, hat, gloves, slippers or socks are always appreciated. A warm cozy sweater is always nice as well.

Something to wear.

Shirts and sweaters are good, and they're also pretty forgiving if you keep it simple. If you're not sure of a favorite band or character,
ask...but don't guess. A rule of thumb is to size up when you aren't sure of the size, and larger comfy sweaters and t-shirts are always appreciated after a long day.

Something shiny.

This can be a pair of earrings or a bracelet to get someone started on a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are great because each little dangle is a memory,
and it makes a nice little tradition by giving a new charm when there is an event. A pretty little ornament or a nice fragrant oil or candle is always good as well.

Something to eat.

Homemade cookies, breads or meat and cheese baskets are always good.

Rules of Thumb
These are merely suggestions based on my own situations and observations.
1 gift for acquaintances.
Acquaintances are thoughtful neighbors, coworkers, the crossing guard, doctors office or other services. Food is usually the best go-to here.
Cookies are the best for office situations.

3 gifts for friends.
Depending on the friend and your spending allowance is going to dictate the best course of action here. "Shiny, fragrant and fun" is a good policy,
but of course, that depends on your friend's likes.

6 gifts each for family members.
1 each of each category on the list is a pretty good way of keeping it simple, yet personal.

1 gift for beloved pets.
A handmade catnip ball or mouse or a homemade bag of peanut butter biscuits are nice.

• Gifting doesn't have to be expensive.
When it comes to books, thrift stores often have a rack of used books in good condition, so finding an unread classic or audio book may only cost a few
cents to a few dollars.

• Making crafting kits is pretty easy. You can get a few sacks of beads, some jewelry wire and a couple little charms and make a few
little jewelry craft kits for friends and nieces. Divide beads and place into little boxes you can find at the Dollar Tree, and place in a nice little storage box.
You can print out a few jewelry designs to go with-just print them out and roll them up and tie with a nice ribbon.

• Thrift stores carry a lot of stuff. You might be able to find a vintage jacket or tote there.

• Crafty candles are nice if you have the time. Just buy some wax and dip or pour your own.

• Jarred foods like hot chocolate jar mixes to barbecue rubs to jams and jellies are all wonderful if you have the time. Pair jellies with a nice loaf of
homemade bread and a new cutting knife and cutting board, or some bbq rub with a couple of grill tools, or a nice hot chocolate mix with a new mug and
cookies and you've got an inexpensive and thoughtful gift. The Dollar tree has nice little jars, and other kitchen and grilling items.

• Shabby-chic and upcycled handmades are simple to make if you can hand-stitch with a needle and thread.
Funky gloves can be made from old sweater sleeves and adorned with big buttons and poms.

☆ I've also created this little 4"x6" printable to take with you when you go shopping. Just click to enlarge, save and print.
Click here for printable

Hope this helps. Have a suggestion to add? I would love the feedback. Cheers!

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