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February 5th, 2022
Openers of the Way: Talisman Majiks: Benny Boons & Bane Baubles

Talismans, like other charms, totems, spells, and pathworkings, are "openers of the way";
which means they emit an energy that assists in creating or manifesting a desired or needed change.
In and of themselves, they do nothing. They are pieces of this and that which hold no real majikal benefit.
Of course, every element has its own natural energy, but the effect of those energies generally lies dormant or ambient at best -until a witch or
magical practitioner empowers the item as a creature of the intended change.

Many folks think that magic from the middle ages is something that stems from superstitious woo-woo. Granted, sometimes, it is -but those superstitions
and beliefs have some root in some real experience somewhere down the line. It is my opinion, that more often than not, the desire for magical items,
such as talismans, was because many resources were scarce and difficult to come by, and talismans were a "quick fix" for something wanted or needed right
now, and for the most part, knowledge of astrological magic was limited to royalty, the very wealthy, and monks. The reason being was that as word of mouth
traveled, curiosity and desire led folks to go off and gather info from far away places. Traveling far was expensive.
When people returned with the books and scrolls, etc, oftentimes they couldn't read the texts as they were written in other
languages, so monks and other scholars were employed to translate them.

Having such an esoteric item was not only desired as a means of harnessing personal power but as a psychological tactic.
It was a 2-fold boon, as on one hand, they had this new doo-dad of magical woo that may (or may not) give them a one-up in the desired skill,
energy, or ability, but on the other hand, a possible means to instill fear into those who didn't see things their way. speculation, of course,
but human nature is what it is.

Talismans act as a conduit or energy, by taking elements of correspondence in a desire requested, and then created within a "moment in time".
By doing so, the belief is that the energy will become "entrapped", constantly emitting its intended vibration.

Does it work? Of course!

The stronger the belief in the object, the stronger the likelihood that the desired skill will manifest. It's largely psychological in the respect
that when you pay more attention to a thing, it tends to be noticed more frequently. When this happens, opportunities previously unseen will kind of
just "show up". The other aspect is that the elements used in the talisman do actually radiate energy. Everything does...however when a skilled magical
practitioner uses their ability to heighten, strengthen, and direct the energies within an object, it does make it stronger.

Does knowing this deflate the magic? Yes, it can. At least, momentarily.
It's like seeing how the illusionist's trick is done, and then getting all disappointed because you really wanted to believe it was something beyond
the usual. Something....special. BUT, knowing how these things work, opens up an entirely new understanding of our connections within our world, the
beautifully intricate ways that energies work together, and how those vibrations can be harnessed, transmuted, and modified....and THAT is way more
powerful than mere superstition or some rabbit's foot or lucky sock.

When these understandings take place, the majik becomes stronger than ever, and not in fairy dust and sparkly kind of way,
but a real, understandable,and tangible way.

Talismans, when created by a skilled magical person, can be a wonderful tool for self-empowerment, and ambient change.
In astrological magic, the idea is that every planet and star emits a certain vibration that not only washes over our planet like rain, but an unseen
light that fills everything, even embedding a part of itself during its high tide times. This is why we are said to have certain personality traits
when were born under a certain astrological zodiac sign.

If a person can hold the energy of a star or a planet, and be affected by it, so can any created object be "under the influence", in a similar way.
When those traits are focused into a thing, it creates a bubble effect, empowering the item. Belief causes a pretty fat bubble effect as well,
so with a talisman, the belief...mixed with heightened and empowered energy into an item that was made specifically for a person, to do a specific thing...
is pretty powerful.If someone other than the intended wearer of such an item were to put it on, there may be some pretty undesirable side effects.
Kind of like the reason you shouldn't share your medication. Everyone is different and you never know just quite what element or chemical or association
may trigger an unwanted effect.

Sometimes, those effects were/are placed into the creation process, warding away anyone's intention to want to take it for themselves.
The mere belief or superstition that an object is "cursed", can trigger a psychological shit-storm of events. When it actually IS cursed, it's
probably best to just smile and wave, and then back away...quickly.

Every planet has a set of correspondences allotted to it by ancient astrologers. Those correspondences were given based upon analysis of the ancient
astrologers. When a pattern emerged when a certain heavenly body was present and tended to repeat...it was considered significant.
So, a metal, a plant, and a stone were assigned to each planet and certain other stars of significance.

Those stars are called Behenian or "fixed" stars because, from our line of sight, they do not appear to move like the others.
We call them the watchers, the angels, and other names.
When certain heavenly bodies move into particular positions in the sky, they are said to be either "beneficial" or "baneful", meaning based on
their location, and being either influenced strongly by other emitted energies (stars, planets, asteroids, voids, etc), blocked or amplified by them...
changes the outcome. Depending on how particular one wanted an item to be, would require some pretty heavy mathematics.
Necessary, no. Not unless you really, really want to be super specific, but I have found when you get THAT specific, any small thing that you miss
(and you will)...has the interesting side-effect of not just making an adverse effect, but blasting through the cracks.
That's just me, and my opinion, but I find it a lot nicer to just base a talisman creation on not only what the ancient astrologers thought,
but my own personal connections and beliefs. I take the ancient work as a template for my own in this regard.

Now, this doesn't mean just throwing any old thing in the mix. It does matter.
It's like a cake recipe. You have your eggs, your flour, vanilla, sugar, milk, and other preferences, right? Well, you can't just "intend" to bake the
cake and then throw all of the ingredients on the floor and expect it to be a cake. There is some level of "know", like what kind of pan may be best,
what temperature, and how long to bake it.
Some of those ingredients can be substituted, but not all. Talisman making is the same way. The vessel matters, but if it is made of something other
than the ancient corresponding metal, it can weaken the thing. BUT...if you add say metal pieces to a piece of clay, yeah...you can get similar effects.
You don't need toxic plants, even if the Picatrix calls for them. I substitute them. If it's a very strong plant, and I'm substituting it with another,
I may choose to put more focus on other areas of the creation process.

If you're interested in making your own astrological talismans, I highly suggest obtaining a copy of the Picatrix, 3 books of Occult Philosophy by Agrippa,
and a good correspondence chart. Read, research, and then sit with this information, meditate and contemplate
on the aspects that you are personally drawn to, make changes where you see fit, and start with something small.

If you're interested in my majikal processes and how to work within the Veshigi tradition of Appalachian Hexerei, kindly go over to Ravynmoon.com,
check out the Hexenriit book of shadows, read some of my blogs, classes, and tutorials, and take a listen to some of my old Zero Point podcasts.
All of these things are free for personal use.

If you are receiving this blog and/or audio version before February 16th, 2022, then I cordially invite you to participate in our "Heart of the Lion"
talismanic work, scheduled for Full Moon, February 16th, 2022. The Details are in my blog and in the book of shadows.
If you are interested in creating the talisman after the 16th, be sure to research the timing and get other skilled folks' opinions, and of course,
make your own personal connections to your environment into account....so that you make a benny boon and not a bane bauble.
And as always, if you have any questions, send me a message.

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