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December 28th, 2021

Nothing Is Free: The Law of Exchange & Return
by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn

Nothing is free.

There is always some kind of trade-off; and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Everything has a value allotted to it.

Sometimes this value is monetary. Some freebies are given as more of a "sample" type of gesture. If you like a small sample, you may be more likely to purchase a full product. Coupons are an example of a "sample" because you get to try a higher ticket item at a discounted price.

With free samples, an item is granted, but the trade-off is your interest in the creator's other works.

For example, I give freebies on my website, but I know that if people like my freebies and trust the content that they may consider purchasing some of my other products. Sometimes, these freebies are things that were once for sale but didn't generate a lot of interest, so I give them out hoping to generate interest in other things. An additional boon to giving freebies is that some things may help people who can't afford to make a purchase and it makes me feel good to know that I'm helping in some way. The "feel good" aspect is also a trade-off: I give, but I feel good. I get something out of the deal...even if it's the knowing I've done a helpful thing because it makes me feel valuable or good or the sense of knowing that I've shared something that may be reciprocal in motion, or what I have offered may be useful. In other words, perhaps something as small as a freebie or a word or a handcrafted item can make someone else feel good or powerful or comfortable and in doing so, make the world a better place.

Heart words/intentions/actions/response.

Another "feel good" trade-off would be any number of "helper" activities. It could be a church function, or a soup kitchen or a ride-share, etc. Sometimes, the "feel good" may also be a personal venture between a person and their perceived higher power in hope that favors will be bestowed on them. Favors could be "paving their way to heaven", or to look worthy in the eyes of a particular deity so that entity will do something for them. It's not "free", because a value has been placed upon it. Prayers are heart words sent to "heaven"...right?

Free photo depositories are an example of a "free sample" as well. An artist places some of their works on a stock or collection site for folks to download personal use freebies, hoping to generate interest in their other works. It's innocent (of a pure and honest venture) and the value, of course, would be in the possibility of generating some kind of income. Sometimes, the agreement does include commercial use as long as certain guidelines are met, but the trade-off is to generate a source of income and to establish some kind of flow. You do get the freebie and the liberty to use the items on some of these sites and the artist hopes that you'll just have some spare change to "buy them a coffee". Of course, the hosting site will take some of that spare change too for their coffee. Trade-offs.

Another example of a trade-off would be the "free" ebook or other complementary information. The trade-off is usually that you give your email address so that the "gifter" or other parties are allowed to send you advertisements. You have to be careful with that. I argued once with an herbal distributor who offered a "free guide" to their patrons. I thought "hey, that's nice!", however, the shop was acting as a middle-man for a third party who was giving the "free guide" in exchange for setting me up on an email list. My argument was that it's not "free", it's a trade-off agreement. They swore it was "free". Some people don't understand what "free" actually means. Free means "no strings attached". Email signups are strings.


Never take anything for granted and when in doubt - don't.

"Free stuff", "free dog", "curbside freebie"...Yep, they're free all right, but the value is that somebody else takes something the gifter doesn't want off of their hands. The act of taking the thing relieves the gifter of a certain undesirable feeling or activity. Maybe they don't have time to invest in doing a lot of research or work, or can't get to the dump, or prefer not to throw away something perfectly useful. It doesn't mean it's a bad thing, after all, "one man's trash is another man's treasure", kind of a thing, right? You just have to be careful. Rarely do people give things away that don't carry some kind of consequences and everything carries energy. In their mind "it's broken, but it's free! Someone who can't afford anything might be able to use it." which is true, but rarely do they tell you that sometimes the dog bites and pisses on the carpet, or that that big chair has a big bug infestation, or that that colorful toy contains lead paint, or that a spring in the couch is dangerously broken. Usually, they just want the thing gone, and honest details make people think. A lot of people don't want you to think. They just want you to assume all is well, react to the opportunity that may be short-lived, and be "in the moment".

Sometimes, the "freebie" is the act of fixing something that the "gifter" has broken on purpose. One of the oldest acts of warfare is to create a problem and then offer the solution. They do this to get people's trust so that they can either do something bigger later that people will overlook or subtly engage a person's interest. That interest may come in emotional responses of loyalty as a reaction: the "savior" tactic. In some circumstances, a kind of Stockholm syndrome.

Sometimes, a problem is created so that it strikes panic and fear so that a level of control can be seized. These types of freebies are the most sinister. It could be as simple as an "act now! only 5 days remaining!" sale getcha, which speaks to the animal brain and the fear of losing out. You know, the part of the human character that has us panic stocking toilet paper, anti-insemination devices, and cream-filled pastries. Another one of those tactics would be the "final days!" discount item thing, where a company says they won't be selling any more of an item, so they can cause mass panic and subsequent sales in those who like a product.

A company will frequently have in their user agreements or contracts that they reserve the right to make changes in their user agreement at any time. Sometimes, it also states that they don't have to personally notify you of the change and that it's up to you to stay constantly apprised of their activities.

Big corporations that give freebies frequently do it in exchange for your data. For example: Using a particular app or platform without any upfront cost to you, but the value to them would be that you allow the developer to gather information about your online habits, interests, and activities that they, in turn, sell to interested parties for profit.

Frequently, certain platforms make it difficult for users to change their preferences. They have to make available a user's ability to view their data and make changes, but they don't have to make it easy.

With apps, you gotta look at the fine print, and uncheck any boxes that seem questionable before you download the thing. Sometimes, those checked boxes are permissions for the advertiser to install spyware on your system. You have to thoroughly read the small print, contracts, user agreements, and fine print.

When an app updates daily, it's difficult to keep up with changes it may have generated...especially when it took you an hour to go through roughly 7 pages of "read more" prompts with difficult to understand checkboxes and "app may become unresponsive" notes...only to have to do it again tomorrow to "stay apprised" of any changes.

I have read as much as I could personally understand in some of these user agreements. As much as a regular user with some level of intellect could. I have taken hours to sift through, get help, search meanings and technical information and check and uncheck or turn on and off boxes...only to have the app update the next day, and by default, change back all of my changes.

It used to be that I felt more comfortable on the desktop than on a cell phone. I even ditched my cell phone. Then along comes Windows X and it's all app-based configuration. Without the new version, many of my favorite programs wouldn't work. Of course, now, many of my other favorite programs don't work because I'm using older versions that don't comply with the new system.

Windows 10, are we still on that? or is it something new again?

I'll be going back to a typewriter, Xerox machine, and snail-mail newsletters again before I update another damn thing for Windows. I'm not kidding.

You have to sit and think about what true value means. Everything is exchanged for something. Even love. Love is something that makes you feel good. It could be that you enjoy another person's company or that they give you a sense of comfort or security. Those feelings are the exchange. You feel good. They feel good.

Everybody brings something to the table.

In physics, there is a little something called the "law of conservation of energy". This law was first proposed and tested by Émilie du Châtelet. Châtelet was a French natural philosopher and mathematician from the early 1730s until she died in 1749. Her most recognized work is her translation of Isaac Newton's 1687 book "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica", containing what is considered to be the natural laws or basic laws of physics.

The "law of conservation of energy" states that "the total energy of an isolated system remains constant; it is said to be conserved over time." This means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.

Newton's Laws of Motion

  • Law 1. A body continues in its state of rest, or uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by a force.
  • Law 2. A body acted upon by a force moves in such a manner that the time rate of change of momentum equals the force.
  • Law 3. If two bodies exert forces on each other, these forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.

Newton's third law is a law of give and take: "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" which means that the bigger the force out, the bigger the force back. The law of karma is kind of loosely based on this theory as well in that "what you do will return to you", which kind of fits in with the "deal with a deity" thing we were discussing earlier.

Everything has a price. Remember the whole "buyer beware" philosophy. You have to do the research and make your best decision based on all of the information you have available. You have to really and truly know the whats and whys of a thing, and that generally starts with some pretty basic human psychology. You need to know what makes you tick and why.

Many companies have spent billions of dollars trying to read patterns and trends and have learned how to use those trends to bounce back at you so you have some kind of emotional reaction. By doing so, they manipulate their outcomes by adjusting your behaviors.

"FREE!" speaks to your need to conserve and ration. "SALE!" and "ACT NOW!" strike fear by engaging your fight or flight responses.

Know your heart, know your mind, and make sure that the connection between them is clean. If true love at its source is a natural exchange for comfort and motivation...so can anything else be. A person's comfort - is at its core - a resonant connection; this means that when something is comfortable, it is close or exact to a system's natural state. It "vibes". When something is resonant, it "checks all of the boxes" in a person's mind. It's harmonic, it feels right. Some things are designed to use these base animal connections to make people feel comfortable, and once doing so, can implement other strategies. The other resonancy would be one of fear, as we discussed above. When an animal is in fear mode, they react in a quick, instinctual, and sometimes reckless manner. A lot of things are geared toward this response. News is also a culprit. Startling headlines, used as click-bait that speak to the animal brain are frequent. Basic animal behavior is always on alert to remain safe, so certain tactics geared towards fear speak to that instinct because if you know an attacker, you'll be better able to prepare and deal with it.

You need to know how energy is reciprocal.

As humans, we are still animals. In the 12th century manuscript, "Historia Animalium", Aristotle divides animals into those with blood and those without. The second edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins defines the word animal as originating from the Latin word "animalis", meaning 'having breath', 'having soul' or 'living being'. Every living, breathing conscious organism is a part of nature and humans are no exception.

We are all a part of nature, not separate from it, and are all capable and organically wired to sense things in our environment. We have inner senses of knowing because we can feel subtle changes within and around us, that cause our bodies to react.

When something isn't right, we feel it. Our nervous system goes on high alert, we feel our blood pressure rise, we look for more information in ou5r surroundings trying to identify what's going on, and then the brain starts to analyze and make up scenarios in an attempt to prepare for what is the most likely culprit. Naturally, we want to protect and inform our "pack", so we do things like sharing our feelings and discoveries, batten down our hatches, and store the things we have come to need in our everyday lives. It's basic animal behavior.

When we know how energy naturally behaves within and around us, it makes understanding ourselves a lot easier because we see ourselves functioning in a natural state within it and when we understand how we react within nature, we can see how others may be using those energies to affect our emotions and behaviors for their gain.

There are a lot of people out there who take advantage of the state of being in which we, as societal humans, have come to find ourselves. We no longer have to run from predators, make a shelter out of mud huts and hunt our food to survive, but our animal brain hasn't forgotten that we used to. It also refuses to let us detach ourselves from this natural process "just in case", and if we've learned anything over the past few years at least, it's that our world and our connections within it, are constantly changing.

Evolution does that.

Not only does this understanding make it more clear how our psyche can be manipulated by technology, it makes more clear how we can better manipulate our mind and body into what we want it to be, instead of what we have been conditioned to believe. Manifestation cannot occur if one doesn't understand the root or basic ways it happens.

As outlandish as it may seem on the surface, great measures are being taken to hijack and manipulate our evolutionary processes to become something we may not want to be or may not personally benefit from. Like a prism separates light into colors of the spectrum, so can energy be filtered, divided, and guided. By doing so, these energies and feelings cause habitual responses, feelings of comfort, letting down guards, settling for less, moving in the ways of false safety, and ultimately becoming conditioned into feeling as though it's perfectly "normal" or "natural".

Let me put this very plainly and clearly...we are physical beings. We live, breathe, think, learn, explore, eat, teach, love, create, and are beautiful.

We are perfectly, imperfect. We are bio-electric, not electronic. We can make use of electronics and technology, but we are not those things. We are predisposed to curiosity because of our nature to explore, and like kryptonite to superman - weakened by our own very organic and natural responses to "home" and the energy reciprocation and chemical responses that bring us comfort; the very same responses that we have to family, home, love, warmth, and safety.

All we have is the sense of:

  • Knowing ourselves. This means we understand clearly how we - as human beings - operate. This means our bodies, our chemicals, our needs, our true desires, and our biological functions.
  • Our Location. This is where we are right now. Where our feet are firmly pressed upon the Earth.
  • Our Environment. This means our surroundings. This is everything we can translate with our 5 senses: see, hear, taste, smell, and feel.
  • Our Connection. How we are affected by and reciprocate those "affections".

As Veshigi, we understand the energetic field around us as something that moves within and around us. We feel the subtle variations when there is a change, and are inspired by it. What many call "god", we associate as "the field", or "the muse". It is where all things come together in an ebb and flow of vibration. It is within these biological energy fields that we can create and make our desires manifest.

This is the very same energetic field that some technology prisms into other things.

What we feel: our emotions, desires, memories, understandings - everything- is emitted into the field. These things imprint, mutate and move.

Ghosts and other beings exist within this field. They are imprints and variables, exhibiting behaviors as we give them "breath of life", or "force".

Some would say god itself -is- the field. Some say because of this we are "the gods". you'll hear many nature-based people say "thou art god", or "thou art goddess", Aleister Crowley said, "Every man and woman is a star" - same thing.

Nothing is free. Everything is reciprocal. Everything is energy made manifest.

Know your heart, because your mind can be fooled. The heart is the truth. You are a part of nature - every breath, move, click, root, seed, leaf, tree, plant, animal, cloud, star, and everything in between. The first step to knowing yourself is to know you are not separate from nature. The second step is to know how you are connected within nature and how energy within and around you moves. The third is to know that because of these connections, energy can be guided and put to personal use - Majik is real and exists within the context of the natural laws.

Knowing these things gives you grounding. It helps you breathe, clear your mind of the clutter, and get back the sense of what is real and what is being manipulated.

Not only does knowing yourself pull the curtain away from the magician, it allows you to understand how you are also the magician, the maker, the creator, and the force.

Not all are "witches", but by natural right - all are magicians, gods, and ghosts - because we are, we were and we will always - be. As nature tesseracts our experiences forwards, inside-out, and backward, we know that we are all connected, we are already in a state of accordance perfectly aligned within nature, create our own versions of heaven and hell, pay ourselves forwards and backward, and are history in the making. What part of you are you trading off?

Never take anything for granted. Just because someone says "this is the way it is" or "this is the way it will be", is because they want it that way or because trends seem to be showing that a certain way will most likely be the outcome. "most likely", not "definite". Tech can't do shit without your consent. You are as powerful as the signals that techno-vampires are using to benefit themselves. Your thoughts generate emotions, those emotions generate actions, those actions create habits, and habits create character...and when you know that your thoughts can be steered in a certain direction...well, that tells it all...doesn't it?

You are the field. You are a star already. YOU are the way.

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